Kostas Papadopoulos

At BioAgros, we work every day to put into practice all those small and big things that contribute to the care of our fellow human beings and the protection of our planet.

BioAgros in action

We take action because the future is the responsibility of all of us!

Our goal is to act responsibly, with respect for people and the environment, by adapting our business to the demands and opportunities of an economy with reduced volumes of garbage, food waste and the emission of pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2).

We act every day for a better future, operating responsibly in every area of our business and implementing the best practices of sustainability and social responsibility.

We cooperate with Non-Profit Organisations and bodies for public benefit purposes. And of course through this unit all of you together with us will learn how we can change our daily habits for the better, share smart ideas to reduce our environmental footprint and create easy and delicious recipes helping to fight food waste!

We strive for a better tomorrow and we need everyone's support!