Who we are

Kostas Papadopoulos

The central idea of the BioAgros philosophy is the protection of the citizens from the scourge of genetically-modified food products and agrochemicals. For us, organic farming is primarily a way of life, an ideology and secondarily the object of commercial activity.

Costas Papadopoulos Founder


BioAgros! You know what you eat!

Since 1990 we are one of the largest and leading Greek organic food companies. We have a significant know-how in the field of organic food products and we are constantly evolving through research and development of new products. We study the modern trends while we are very strict in the choice of raw materials and quality control. Our goal is for our products to fulfill the needs of the modern way of life and offer natural and beneficial benefits to the human body, as well as improve the quality of life of our consumers in general. The BioAgros brand is a guarantee that "you know what you eat"!

Our Philosophy

  • We are oriented towards a humane and civilized society that will constantly care for the sustainability and prosperity of our planet.
  • We highlight the wealth of the Greek land.
  • We respect our consumers and constantly strive to regulate and improve our food quality assurance systems.
  • We frequently inform our consumers through articles, speeches and presentations, with the aim of raising awareness about the citizens' relationship with society and the environment and about the acquaintance with our products.
  • We produce 240,000 kHz per year in a privately owned photovoltaic park, on the roof of our factory, which corresponds to 170 tons of carbon dioxide less in the atmosphere.

Our goals

  • Environmental protection.
  • Minimal use of disposable cartons.
  • Recycling all the paper, plastic and glass we use.
  • Using all the organic waste as food for our animals but also, for producing electricity.

Corporate Video

Watch the video-presentation of BioAgros!